X-Plane 11 EC 135

:warning: EC 135 X-Plane 11 :warning:

New freeware project on X-Plane 11, a new EC 135 created by passionate members.

We will try to make a most realistic version with our means and knowledge.

At this time the developement are in progress, we work hard on animation, doors, joystick, knob, switch and other stuff.

:warning: No release date at this time, this is a devlog post, stay tune and stay safe !

some screenshots to show you the progress of the works.

- Exterior model with all the doors animated :

- Overhead panel with all switch and cover guard animated :

- And the last screenshot, the panel with engine control panel animated :

We keep the progress of the animations in the cockpit, see you soon for a next update :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey guys, welcome to the forum and WHAT a first post to make! <3 Looking forward to seeing more as you progress.

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continuous work with knob animation and rotor animation !


Animation in progress about rotor, tail rotor and switch :grinning: , view possible in HD 1080P


We are moving slowly but surely, at this time we have some export problems but the debug progress, some screens in game :

Doors animations are done :

Cockpit animation are in progress !


Really interested to see you using AC3D for the 3D Animation work.


The development continues with the night textures and NVG lighting of the cockpit, the work on the screens begin from today after an initial adjustment of the flight model

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Love the lighting! Very excited to see how this turns out


Work in progress with “test” integration of display, Avitab integration, Reality XO GTN 750 integration, Plugin for optional.

FMS fully clickable and Basic PA functional.

Word hard also on flight model and liveries :slight_smile:

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Work progress on flight dynamic and Autopilot. (it’s rotorsim display just to do some dynamic test).

-> Helismur 05 (HEMS) near Marseille - France

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I am really looking forward to this heli nice works in progress. I hope you guys can nail the sounds for this woderful heli it is so important to the realism and immersion.

@haden -> We want to make FMOD sound yes.


Work in progress in flight model an PA mode, some more french liveries also, we are some good news to announced in few days !



We have a great news about EC135 T2 Free project, we have a partnership with Rotorsim.de to use their plugin and flight model !

Many work are done last days and we just have minor bug and plugin editing to do with Rotorsim.

Thank you so mutch to them.


Some screenshots :


Great job guys! Does not matter to me at all, but some picky simmer might point out that fenestron blades should not be equidistant.

Looking forward to see her flying. Thank you.

@Masak Yes you are right unfortunately I think it will remain as its, the 3D not being of us but of Nemeth.

FMOD Preview, thanks to Philip Ubben


Wow that looks and sounds amazing! I’m excited for this one :grin:


Many work in recent day’s, despite the end of the covid-19 containment in France, Rotorsim debug their plugin for XP11.50 and add compatibility with experimental flight model.

We had also :

  • 2 GPS Garmin 430

  • 1 Transpondeur

  • New ICP

  • 1 Chronometer

  • Weather radar on ND

  • All this stuff have night texture.

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I am matthias, a reviewer and newsposter for FsVisions.nl:


Your EC-135 already looks amazing!

Can you please contact me at:


Thank you! Stay safe!



17 / 06 / 20

Some news of EC 135, a new version of FMOD was made by @Philip Ubben with new fuel pump sound and new engine noise, very vrey great work

We also received 3D model of passenger and EMS version, thank you so mutch to Nemeth Design, we have many work to convert 3D for X-Plane, work are actualy in progress.

Next Work :

  • Finished EMS and passenger version.

  • Debug plugin rotorsim.

  • Add optional (winch etc).

  • Add pilote and passenger.

EC 135 Passenger version with French Gendarmerie liverie :



EC 135 EMS Version with French Samu Besançon liverie :



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That looks absolutely amazing! Super excited for this.