X-Plane 11 EC 135

Really looking forward to this add-on. Especially the HEMS cabin.


  • New version with the addition of passengers and helmets, they are activated as soon as the battery starts.

  • he helmets are added by clicking on the rest brackets.

  • The stretchers also unfold with the opening of the cargo doors.

  • the opening angle of the doors was increased for the ems version.

  • Pilot are animated with joystick animation.

  • All passenger and Helmet have texture dissociate to improve personalization.


Nice work! Iā€™m looking forward for this awesome new helicopter!
I have a question regarding the strobe and the anticollision lights. Some helicopters have these lights positioned seperatley and some not (depending on the type version of the helicopter, as far as I know). Is it possible for you to arrange a default setting for these lights? Then you could choose by yourself, if you placed them separately or not on your helicopter. That would be just fantastic!