Md500 msfs

First off I just want to say the 500 is my favorite helicopter and I’m thrilled that this got released, I didn’t think we’d see it for a while since the 206 just came out. I’ve managed to do a couple short flights and so far I love it, just a couple issues I found-

Torque gauge - its readings are very erratic. Seems to stay at the bottom of the range until about 2/3 collective then it gets really erratic. This gauge, at least to me is essential to operating this helicopter

The red fuel switch is reversed. Helo won’t start unless it’s in the out position, and it seems to be contributing to starting issues. See more on that below

Starting this seems to be hit or miss. I have found that following the checklist fails to start the engine. My method for success is to hold the hardware bound starter switch on my throttle, crack the throttle, and then only when I cycle the fuel shutoff from in to out, do I get a successful start.

Otherwise I’m having a blast with this, especially with the flight model, it’s very controllable yet stable too. I can see why these are used for powerline operations.

Glad you’re having fun with it!!

Thanks for the feedback.

This has been touched on in several places so I will answer for everyone here.

If starting cold and dark on the ramp then the helicopter will start 100% of the time. The red fuel valve is not supposed to be touched unless there is an emergency requiring cutting fuel. It is pushed in or open by default so leaving it that way wont casue issues. The check list is just mentioning it to make sure it is actually open or pushed in. That being said it sounds like there is a bug flip-flopping values around randomly. That will be fixed. The valve should be pushed in. So if anybody thinks it’s backwards, please don’t, because its not backwards. Just don’t touch it for now and no issue. It’s the code probably making wrong or random values after pulling it. That could also mean it’s wrong when not starting cold and dark. We will figure it out this week and update.

For starting cold and dark on the ramp when first loaded up. Turn on battery, turn on key, click start, open the throttle when N1 is at 12%. N1 is the small gauge not the big RPM gauge. It will start 100% of the time without issue. Every time. Trust me I started this over 3000 times while developing it and it started every time. But I wasn’t messing with the emergency fuel cut off. Happy the issue was reported by many though!! Now I can fix it.

The torque gauge is sensitive and has to do with cyclic inputs combined with collective power input. The cyclic torque seems overdone and didn’t get to the bottom of that yet.

Gald you’re liking it!!

Have fun!

First flight done, just a 12 minute hop because the sim update took most of the time I had to spare, what a blast ! Twitchy, err, “responsive” wee bird isn’t it ! But that’s cool, I love 500’s, and as a bonus I managed to land it softly enough that I got to choose when to exit to the main menu :smiley:

What does the key do ? It’s not mentioned in the pdf checklist and there are no marking on it to show which way is on. I got the bird to start after assigning a key to the starter so I must have fumbled it into the right spot :slight_smile:

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Love this bird, as well as the 206!! On starting the 500, is the temp high? On start up it stay in the yellow and red. Once the governor kicks in and some torque is applied the temp goes into the green range. Need to add that dust off effect like the 206.

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TOT is a bit wonky. Im wating to see what updates come from Asobo and then if thats a no go I will custom code the behavior for each. It should spike on start up and then come back down. I might have the dust added this week. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been using the update since last night and all the fixes are great! One thing I seem to be missing is the exhaust effects. Anyone else experiencing this?

You might have accidentally disabled the effect. The ground dust effect and the exhaust effect are toggled on and off via the two black buttons above the interior light switches.

Eeedawg is correct. You had to have disabled the effect. The black buttons disable downwash or heat blur FX. Please follow and read the changelog here: Changelog-MSFS 500E –, – Flight Simulator Add-ons

Heat blur also moves around when flying so can be hard to see unless on the ground.

This was with the button in either position actually. I’m well aware of the buttons. The one for the dust works fine.

Not sure then. It works fine. Were you on ground when trying to look at the heat blur? It won’t just quit working. The engine has to be on too haha.

I was on the ground, does that matter? It also isn’t present in flight.
Here’s a video

Yes it does matter. As I said, the effect moves away from the engine exhaust. So it’s back further and harder to see in flight. That needs to be fixed. I see the video and the effect is missing. I have no clue what would cause this. I will have to investigate what could disable it, probably something to do with graphics settings. That’s about all it could possibly be.

Thank you for confirming what I’m seeing. It’s quite odd because I have exhaust effects visible for numerous other addons, which is why I was asking if anyone else was experiencing it. At the end of the day I’m not that bothered by it, just something I noticed.

If I find a solution or a cause I will definitely post that here. Sorry about that.

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I have the same issue with the exhaust blur. and all of my setting are on ultra. have the same issue on the 206b also. Thanks, I’m looking forward to the fix.

Its possible the last Asobo update screwed something up. Going to test and look into it. Hold tight. Thanks


Thanks for taking the time to look into it!

I purchased this fantastic helicopter lately and I am totally excited.
I am a huge fan of the TV series Magnum p.i. I have all episodes on DVD. So I was totally thrilled to see that the helicopter of my most favorite TV series is available WITH the livery of Island Hoppers in MSFS :slight_smile:

It is VERY responsive (assume due to the high amount of power in relation to its weight) and therefore very challenging to fly.

I have only one question concerning the force trim or joystick trim (or how you want to call it).
I cannot make it work to find a keybind that gives me a real force trim. Maybe I am just too stupid. But I am not sure if Asobo has even integrated this essential feature for helicopters till now.

Just to make it clear what I am talking about: I mean the button on the stick where, after pressing and releasing it, the joystick stays in its position and defines its new centre there. In DCS this is simulated that way that you press the „force trim release“ and as soon you release it the stick virtually stays in this position. Physically most of the sticks jump back to centre. After releasing the button DCS ignores any joystick movement until it is in the physical center. From there you can go on with any movements.

Is this already integrated in MSFS and in the MD500?

Would be great to get some help on this.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I don’t think MSFS has that implemented. For my XP models it’s custom coded on a few. I know there is a trim release though. So when trimmed out and hitting the mapped “trim reset” then it will go back to center. Coding a force trim like DCS, which is like the XP one, will be a while as development continues.

Great to hear that you might integrate this in a later patch.

But is there any trim at all? Despite the fact I have bonded the rotor trim functions I cannot see that anything happens.