Xplain12 cowansim md500

I am flying MD500 with XPLAIN12, but the approach for landing is not going well. I have the collective close to full down, but I’m having trouble with the aircraft’s altitude slowing down. If you pull the cyclic backwards to slow it down, you’ll end up gaining even more altitude, far exceeding your landing spot. If you force the collective to go full down, the clutch will disengage and the car will go into autoro. Is it difficult to lose altitude like this even in a real aircraft? In that respect, the freeware EC135 is very easy to operate. (It’s very easy to lower the altitude) I don’t really know the cause, maybe it’s a bad setting. Can someone give me some advice? At the start of the approach, I aim for about 1000Ft60Kt, and approach at a descent rate of 500Ft/Min.

Another problem is that sometimes when I start up XPLAIN12 and play, the ladder response sometimes behaves very strangely. Specifically, the reaction speed becomes extremely fast and sensitive, and even with the slightest pedal input, it feels like the aircraft is rotating 180 degrees, making it extremely difficult to control. In terms of frequency, it happens about 7 out of 10 times. I use THRUST MASTER pedals.