XP NL2000 Offshore V1.1

I shared my second release of the conversion of the NL2000 Dutch Oil Platforms in X-plane.org.
This one has a small bug fix on it.

The team of NL2000 have given me permission to release this conversion to the X-plane community so we can all fly to this helicopter platforms.
Thanks to Guido van Wijngaarden , Jan Dekker and Joop Mak as the designers of the offshore objects for giving their permission to share this with the X-plane community.


Awesome! I forgot about it. I’m glad you posted it here again!

This is one off the reasons you started the forums. To keep track on these things and to have them good organized.
I appreciate your efforts in this and I am glad to contribute to the forums.

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Indeed. Being able to keep this kind of information easier to keep and find was a big reason that drove me to do it.

Thank you very much for being here with us, helping us make this a better resource for our community.

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