X52 Non-Pro Calibration

I run Windows 10 64bit and FSX. I have recently upgraded to an X52 HOTAS. I am noticing that there is not a way to calibrate the joystick in windows. I can, however calibrate in FSX. The problem is that the controller loses calibration each time I shut the machine off. The stick ends up way off center. Am I missing something with regards to a Windows calibration?

i have the x52 Pro, not sure of the difference other than “afterburner” detent and color scheme…

i haven’t used FSX since way before it was FSX, either, but i do use a few of the more popular sims.

have you looked in Windows USB Controllers Setup? i’m able to set deadzones, see full axis movements, confirm button numbers/assignments, etc.

and have you also installed the logitech software? lots of good stuff can be done here.

in terms of “Calibration”, i usually see that performed in each sim (and depending on the addon, sometimes directly for each addon)

i wonder if somehow your fsx calibration is being stored in a non-writeable directory, somehow? if you can choose where that’s set/saved, try your desktop. or ensure that you have full write access to wherever fsx stores those settings/files (have seen this be an issue a few times over the years).

Yes the vendor software is installed. It offers ways to control deadzones, LED intensity…etc. But nothing to calibrate.

Since installing the vendor software, the Windows USB controller setup does not allow for calibration either.

The only way to access a calibration dialog is through FSX.