X-Plane11 manifold pressure issues. Any fixes?

I started heli simming with X-plane to supplement my actual helicopter training on the Robinson R22. I have been using the R22 beta by Dreamfoil and it’s reasonably accurate to the real thing, but there is one huge and I mean MASSIVE issue I have with it making it almost un-flyable and that is the manifold pressure.

The real R22 I practise in starts to lighten on the skids around 18mp to 20mp, around 23mp to 24mp for hovering and 21mp when cruising at 70kts at 1200ft to 1600ft.
In X-Plane11 the manifold pressure gauge needle starts at 10mp and will never go any lower than this, even with collective fully down (I am using a Pro Flight Trainer Puma collective). When raising the collective the correct amount the needle will very slowly climb up to 14mp to 15mp before the skids start to lift quite violently, rocketing the chopper up. If I do manage to take off without a rollover cruising power is about 14mp. Anything over 15mp makes the heli act as if it’s gone well over the pressure limit. Hovering is a total impossibility, and anything but steady level flight isn’t much fun.

I also have a freeware version of the R44 Raven II by Brett S (link here; [https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52056-robinson-r44-raven-ii/] ) which sadly suffers the same manifold pressure gauge problem, though it is a little more manageable to fly with.

Is this a usual problem with all X-Plane11 piston engine helicopters or is it specific to these two models? I have found this issue using both the Experimental Flight Model and without it.
Is it simply the version of X-Plane11 I am using (the latest version to date)?
Is there any fix for this that anyone knows of? I rather not start buying up every payware piston engine helicopter just to check.
I cannot find any info on this issue using Google search, so if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.

The Dreamfoil R22 is old and not explicitly compatible with XP11 (it’s an XP10 model that never got updated, it’s only through luck that it’s even flyable in XP11)
And the freeware R44 is not worth the time of day.

You have a few options here, however:
-The VSkyLabs R44 is an excellent reproduction of the Raven, and currently the best Robinson sim on the market at the moment. I haven’t personally verified the accuracy of the manifold pressure on it, but I have asked around with my 44-experienced friends and I’ll update if I get an answer.
-You could also just make do right now until VSkyLabs releases their R22 model (ETA unknown), which should be made to the same standard as their 44.
-Stay away from the Big Tire R22, it looks pretty but is otherwise not that good, especially for training.

Also remember that no sim is particularly good for training on a helo. Helos are 80% stick and rudder skills and you just can’t develop that without butt-in-seat time. Worse still, the sim is likely to give you some bad habits that your flight instructor is going to have to un-teach. Remember this when you’re simming. You shouldn’t focus very much on the specifics of the flight model and instead use the sim for practice with procedures, checklists, radios, navigation, and the like.

Thank you for the reply, lonespace. I’ll look into the VSkyLabs R44, I was putting off buying it in case it was X-Plane11 itself that had a problem with piston engine helis.

I totally agree with your last paragraph. Flying the real thing has probably made me much better at simming and not the other way round, but it has definitely kept me from forgetting visual cues, navigating my local area and bolstered my confidence in throwing the 22 around a little harder (started as a very cautious and rather nervous flyer), and having a cyclic, collective and rudder pedals with some visuals is far more fun than rubbing my stomach, patting my head and tap dancing.
The Bell 407 appears to be the best flight model for what I’ve been practicing, it would be nice to have the cockpit show me what I’m used to though.

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