Win a copy of Seafront Simulations’ Vessels: AU Perth Giveaway for MSFS

Seafront Simulations has been dedicating themselves to populating the seas around the world. Not only they have a more generic addon, covering the globe with ship, there are also some very nice – hand-placed – vessels in specific areas such as the Balearic Islands, Madeira, Canary Islands, Hawaii and others.

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I love this give away.
I must shamely amid that I as an Offshore helicopter driver do not yet own one of there products.
As excuse I have to say the following.
My funds are running dry on all the helicoper models that are released.
And my Virpil Hawk 60 power collective and 50CM3 Base base was also a large investment :slight_smile:
I love the Virpil by the way and youre review pulled the trigger on my wallet :rofl:

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Ahahahah! This is not a cheap hobby, is it??? :smiley:

No and it it getting more expensive with a Pimax Crystal and a DOF H6 reality rig on the bucket list.
But I would be lost without the amazing experience we can have nowadays.
We came a LONG way from moving lines on a CRT with micosoft simulator 1,2,3,etc.:man_white_haired:
I am old enough to have been thrilled by shooting at boxes with a paper model biplane🤣

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We sure did. But then you have the folks complaining about little details that really don’t make that much of a difference but it seems like it ruins the whole sim.

I may be getting old and grumpy!