Webstore weirdness

I just bought the 500 for MSFS. It took me a couple of tries. The first dropdown at the checkout wants to know what country I’m in, and the first time I tried the checkout there was no such place as New Zealand, I think they took the ‘Middle Earth’ LOTR campaign a bit too seriously :slight_smile: I thought I’d try claiming to be in Australia instead. Oh, ummm … Refresh the page ? Nope, we still don’t exist.

So I hit google to see if there was somewhere else I could buy the 500 and ended up back at cowansim.com with the 500 still in the cart, and I figured I’d just pick a random country that has better weather than us to live in and see what happened. Possibly because this was a new tab and the old tab had been open for a few days, but this time Australia was there at the start of the list and when I scrolled down NZ was there too.

Weird. Anyway, 500 is now in my community folder, Sim is loading, wish me luck :slight_smile:

That is werid lol. I was going to say I have TONS of customers in both of those countries so definitely a temporary glitch. Enjoy!