VIRPIL releases VPC Rudder Pedals damper kit •

Adding a hydraulic damper to their rudder pedals is one of the modifications virtual helicopter pilots usually look at more often. It usually implies users searching for the said damper and finding a way to attach them to their pedals.

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Thanks for the information.
I just ordered my VPC ACE Collection Rudder Pedals on the last week of December. Didn’t know they would be launching a damper. Guess I have some more shopping to do… :joy:

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One more item to add then :smiley:

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I’m a fan of Virpil hardware, but this kit gives me some trouble. I’ve installed it on my VPC WarBRD Rudder Pedals, and small pedal inputs are more difficult to achieve, since the damper feels a bit sticky, and you need to apply a strong push on the pedal to overcome the stickiness, resulting in a small pedal “jump”, and a larger move than what would be needed.
I’ve submitted a support ticket, and I’ll keep you updated.

Well, that was fast:
Reply from Virpil:
" Unfortunately, there is always some sticktion with new hydraulics dampers. It will reduce or fully disappear across the time.

Also, if you are using the damper on the minimum effort setting then consider slightly increasing it. This will make ​the issue less noticeable.

Finally, you can try applying a bit of SW grease to the silver rod and work the mechanism out. I received a report that this substantially mitigated ​sticktion.

NOTE: if you are planning to apply a bit of grease please keep in mind that in the future the rod might get with covered with sticky dirt, ​which might lead to the issue aggravation. So please ​apply grease at your own risk."
So, I’ll keep using it and hope for the best.