VIRPIL opens UK distribution center and warehouse

UK simmers, rejoice as VIRPIL has opened a UK store.

It’s not just a virtual store either (although there is one, of course) since there is an actual physical location in Shropshire.

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While the post says “UK people rejoice, they have opened a store…” it should be noted that if you are NOT in the UK you can’t seem to order from this store. I’m in the US and added about $1200 USD worth of products to my cart. I didn’t realize how bad the exchange rate has become, it said £872.79 which I checked and works out to about $1200 USD. Either way, while it was too rich for my current financial situation, I decided to see how much shipping would be and when I went to estimate shipping it ONLY gave the option for UK shipping.

If you are outside the UK don’t bother clicking on this link and wasting your time, they don’t offer international shipping on the site as an option from this website. The main one I am sure does, but this one only allowed me to input a UK address.

Well this IS a store specifically for the UK.

VIRPIL also has a store specifically for the US:

And another one for Europe:

Folks should use the one that serves their area.

Things in the US store are almost always “Out of Stock” (and when you check the link you will see that) while the UK store has everything in stock, hence why I checked that UK store, but thank you for adding the link anyway.

For those wondering the 20% off sale is also in the US, but expect things to be out of stock.