Virpil grips

Good evening colleagues. Which grip do you recommend? virpil MongoosT-50CM2 Grip or the Virpil Constellation Alpha grip.

I ordered the MongoosT-50CM3 base with 20mm extension and the basic G8/Warbird grip.
waiting… “patiently”


Thank you, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how it goes with that grip.

I’m quite happy with the Constellation Alpha. I like the adjustable hand rest, and the analog stick that I use for cockpit camera control. The scroll encoder is a neat way to manage mixture in piston helicopters, since I don’t have these fancy Virpil panels.

Thanks so much. And what about the base . Are You using the cm2 or 3 by virpil??? Or anyone else. Thanks

I started with the CM2, then upgraded to CM3. The adjustable friction helps a lot, I think, especially for long flights (over 1 hour). I’ve never operated a real cyclic, but the CM3 base + extension feels quite right, and allows plenty of subtle adjustments. Flying mostly Flyinside Bell 206, Taog’s Hangar Allouette III, and Cowansim H125.