Super Helicopter and request please

Hi, purchased your fantastic helicopter and very impressed by the level of detail and attention to detail. I fly purely in VR and the only slight difficulty I have is reading the altimeter subscale setting figures. Is it possible to increase the HPA (millibars) numbers to make it easily readable within VR (ideally without having to zoom in).
VSkylabs recently introduced new altimeters for the Cabri and R44 with larger setting numbers and that worked really well.
Thank you for considering this and enjoying your great helicopter.



Funny you should mention this as I was just squinting at the numbers myself in VR trying to set them.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the compliments! I just added this to the to do list. I have a hard time seeing everything with the 1st Gen Rift. The Rift S is treating me much better. Those numbers are pretty tiny and I will take a look for sure.

Thanks again!


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