Steam Autumn Sale – get X-Plane, Aerofly FS2 and ARMA 3 at a discount (plus DCS modules)

Get your credit cards ready, folks. X-Plane, Aerofly FS2, and ARMA3 are out there at a discount! I cannot say this enough times: Aerofly FS2 is amazing with one of the best helicopters out there on any sim. Yes, it’s a Robbie, yes, it’s the R22 but you should really get over it.

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Many thanks Sergio, being new in sim I shall certainly make good use of the special !
Very glad to have found Helisimmer forum, looking forward sharing more, with anticipation
I thank you all for your kind support. John

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After flying every heli module in DCS I bought Aerofly 2 after reading this.
I am quite surprised over how easy the R22 was to fly on what they call “Advanced” if I’m not mistaken, did you mean that this was the closest to reality you had encountered in a commercial sim?
Also, Buildings/roads, etc. was a bit of a disappointment. The high texture package that I am currently downloading might Fix that?

Hi Rambi. That is the feedback I have had from a lot of pilots with many hours of experience in the R22, including Mr. Claude Vuichard, which helped develop the flight model.

The overall graphical experience is not the best when compared with MSFS or X-Plane using Orthophotos but I hope we see some improvements in the next version.

i don’t recommend steam. always better to buy direct.