Sneak peek on the Cowan Simulation 222 medical version for X-Plane

Remember me saying (over and over again) that Joshua Cowan, the amazing guy behind Cowan Simulation just doesn’t quit and keeps pushing updates and upgrades left and right, for his 222 for X-Plane?

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Nice, amazing work. But, with all due respect, I’m holding out for the Airwolf interior, (maybe with Dom and Kaitlyn working the computers.) I keep saying the only way to improve Joshua’s amazing chopper is add the chain guns and rockets.

I take it back, there was a way to improve on the 2.4 model. Love the new retractable landing lights, the sound seems more robust and while I haven’t checked out the medical interior, it would make sense for some of the liveries out there. CVA will still run with the VIP interior though. Awesome work Joshua. I love the 222B to bits.

Joshua never stops, does he? :stuck_out_tongue: