Setting the HPG H160 for controllers like the Pro Flight Trainer Puma X

Dave Amenta, the lead developer for Hype Performance Group, got in touch with me recently about the upcoming H160 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (don’t forget it will be out in a couple of days, if you’re reading this article when it’s published).

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Thanks for the tips.
Do you toggle Trim release to off for flying the HPGs with the Puma?

Hi Stephan. I don’t but keep in mind I don’t really use the helicopters a lot. I am not the best HPG pilot. I prefer the older helicopters :smiley:

Hi Sergio,
you should try turning off the trim permanently if you own a springless controler setup in the H145. Dave gently implemented this for such controler types. To do this, either bind a button to the H145 specific command to toggle the trim release (a “TR”) appears at the topline of the tablet, or use the tablet autopilot commands and switch on “MANUAL”. Further you should setup the above mentioned sliders to “no spring” and the SAS-Stability to your likings (in my case to -35 for cyclic). Switch the tail rortor control to legacy and SAS-Stability also to -35. This feels much much more like an older helicopter and gives a lot of fun…
Regards :slight_smile: