Rotor brake always on

Hi, i got a problem when starting cold and dark, i can’t switch off the rotor brake, i move the lever to the back but the the rotor brake doesn’t disangage, i got the red lights on, and if try to start the engines i get nice flames coming out of my engines…
When i do an automatic start, no problem at all…
I tried to disinstall the heli and install it again but nothing changed…
If someone understand what i do wrong, i’ll appriciate your help.
Have a good day.

Are you pulling it all the way back? It should make a click noise when it fully disengages

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Hi there,

@lonespace is spot on with the rotor brake. I’m not sure what the issue could be there other than not pushing all the way back. This is the first I’ve heard of any rotor brake issues. Try to pull forward and then push back again, you should hear a sound. Also, the rotors do not spin when sitting with engines off like they did before the last couple updates.

As far as starting, that has to be done correctly. Pop out the clipboard and use the “Fully Automated Start” also open the checklist on the clipboard and follow along. This will familiarize you with the start-up procedure. It sounds like you might have the throttles open before 11-12%.

Let me know when you get this working and if you need more help.



Thank you for the answer about my problem, yesterday i downloaded the new version of the heli ( and bought the B version as well…) and after i installed the new version all my problems disappeared…i am an happy boy again…Thanks again both of you for the answers and to Cowan for the beautiful heli…i set the weather on rain now…always…lol. Ciao

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@mastafly I’m so happy you got it fixed and got back to me. Have fun!!! :slight_smile: :grinning: :helicopter:

i’m having this problem too! using 222B v2.40 with X-Plane 11.51r1 (64-bit, Vulkan).

trying a cold and dark start, the rotor brake light won’t turn off and XChecklist never completes that step. i’ve tried moving the lever forward and back several times, and i tried binding a key to ‘Toggle rotor brake’, which didn’t have any effect - pressing the key doesn’t move the lever at all.

if i start with engines running, everything is fine until i land and cut the throttle, at which point the rotor brake light comes on; if i try to restart the engine, it catches fire.

I noticed that when you do cold and dark starts, the rotor brake light won’t turn off when you release the brakes but only when the engines are on therefore the xchecklist never completes the page. i run the checklist without waiting the checked marks.
It may be wrong what i said about the lights but for me it works now.

@Wasteland This sounds like odd behavior again. I will be taking a close look at this today. Binding a key to the default rotor brake command will not work as this is custom code. The engine fire sounds like throttle opened before 11-12% causing hot start.