Review: Society Islands XP - Tahiti & Windward Islands for X-Plane •

Welcome to Tahiti and the Windward Islands, the eastern part of the Society Islands in the South Pacific. Arrive with an airliner (up to Boeing 747 and Airbus A380) at Faa'a International Airport and go island hopping with a smaller aircraft, or test your skills as a medical air pilot. Explore stunning atolls, sandy beaches and mountainous islands covered by tropical forests, or service the hospitals on Moorea and Tahiti.

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Thanks for a great review. It was enough to get me to pull the trigger and buy this one. I have had some less than wonderful experiences with some X-plane sceneries so I was a bit nervous. But I needn’t have been. Dial in a bit of marginal vfr weather and late afternoon lighting and you have the recipe for a wonderful helo playground, especially in the mountains. Just stunning. I had no issues with low framerates or stuttering in VR, except to a small degree in the high density urban areas, which is normal and acceptable for the settings I use.
Highly recommended!

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