Review: Big Tire Productions R22 for X-Plane

The Robinson family of helicopters has enjoyed a sudden boom in completed and announced projects for X-Plane lately. In actuality, we didn’t have any Robinsons for X-Plane 11 at all, all of the payware models, DreamFoil’s R-22, and Carenado’s R66 were both designed for X-Plane 10, and were not updated to keep up with the moving target that is X-Plane 11.

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Thanks for this great review.
On the real R22, low rpm horn goes on only if you slightly lift the collective with battery switch ON. If battery switch is off, no low rpm horn can be heard.
I wish this R22 could couple with the Dreamfoil Creations one and have the great visual aspects of the Big Tire along with the flight dynamics and system of DF.
By the way, I remember Big Tire said they were developing this chopper based on a existing 3D model they purchased (and indeed, on Turbosquid, a very detailed R22 model can be found, probably the one they used as a base before making their own modifications).
Now looking forward to the VSkylabs one and compare.

EDIT How could they make the warning lights color so wrong ? I mean, red or amber is not a random choice, it has a meaning in real life, and the action to be taken if it goes on depends on it. Well, it is an easy fix at least.

I had a feeling that was inaccurate, thanks for confirming.