Repopulating Hovercontrol Databases

Greetings, all. A moment of silence for our Hovercontrol bereavement…

I apologize that future engagements may be sporadic. I will check back as often as possible. I have a long story to share, hopefully in time, God willing.
I am retired LE, cancer warrior, limited to semi-rural broadband ADSL2+. Meanwhile, I thought I saw a familiar face…Rogue Trooper. He doesn’t know me, but my B206 cockpit project would never have been envisioned without his generous sharing of knowledge.
To the point, I retrieved my 2 HC-era HDDs from my Hardware History Bin, with about a terabyte of random files from the Founding Fabricators…HyFLY, RogueT, and others whose names escape me.
I am in the midst of a DIY nightmare of PoE switches & old storage NAS integration.
I’ll access those HC files as soon as possible and report back.

Great to see ya’ll here. Blessings!

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Hi Eric!
Lovely to have you here on the Helisimmer forums. Thanks for the praise!
Like you I found the inspiration to build my cockpit from the brilliant work of people like Jean/HYFLY, Jess/Splash_One, Paul/Chopaway, Tommy, Chopper Charlie, Shaun and many many more. A rather serious TBI took away a lot of the capacity I had to work at my hobby as well as my career as a paramedic several years ago, but thankfully I have retained a few marbles upstairs and I continue to tinker and share what I can. I hope over time these forums will give members of our community some inspiration when its needed and I hope to pick up some new tricks myself.
I look forward to the results of your anthropological excavation of you old HDDs! The forums were a treasure trove of great information and hopefully you can retrieve some of it for us all. Thanks for all the effort you are putting in.

Keep up the fight!
Stuart :grinning:

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Hey there! It’s great seeing you here. I was an active user at HC for a long time and I hate that we lost so much amazing information.

In a way, the shutting down of HoverControl pushed me to create this forum for I haven’t had done it before as it didn’t make sense to me to “compete” with HC. Once it was brought down, I stepped in to try and do something that could light a spark in the community and bring veterans such as yourself to a safe haven.

Thank you for being here. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.

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Greetings! Sitrep:
-first & foremost is Tommy’s astonishing build log & docs, etc. Does anybody have a way of asking his blessing for me to datadump everything I saved?
-on that…2013, brain tumor surgery got me my first iPhone, a 4s, and an iPad Mini. iOS 4.xx?? Anyway, I went nuts reading & saving pdfs, reading & saving pdfs, etcetc ad infinitum.
Ditto “Save in My Photos”.

I am working on a way to get these to you, high-speed & low-drag.
Got a DropBox Acct, at minimum.

Sergio, can you advise how to proceed (respective to the Tommy work, especially…Gott Mit mein Deutsche bruder!)

I’ll report back. Thanks, ya’ll.

Eric, I lost contact with pretty much everyone that was on the forums. Except perhaps 5 or 6 folks there, I don’t know where they are :frowning:

Roger that. (By the way, sir…Thank You! Outstanding mission you’ve chosen.)
Brief update plus a (politely circumspect) anti-appleinc rant, if I may:
-there are LEGION complaints from iDevice users --especially audiophiliac nerds such as Yours Truly-- who believe we should retain ownership of our personal files; Apple disagrees.
-complex workarounds do exist, evidence iPad OS’s support for external storage, etc., YET;
-browser web pages, etc “saved as pdf in iBooks” require these things, and I’m committing to just that as soon as I finish here.

The Good News is 1) nearly every resource document is indeed saved as a pdf or a photo image, which does make zip-up management easier. *The files on the iPhone 4s, many ghosted between apple’s chaotic history of cloud photo management earlier, now exist solely on that device’s DCIM file system. About 3 years of HC’s treasure.
Got it all, but…filenames are gobbledegook.

Grab your gun, bring in the cat. I’ll report back.
Thanks, ya’ll!

Also: two Seagate 1TB Barracuda drives (NTFS, Windows 7-32 and Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, respectively) have the non-library-type files. I’ll figure out how to categorize the bigger executable files, various other plug-ins for FSUIPC, etcetc but I see overnight dumps to Dropbox being the answer for my abysmal upload speeds.

Looks like you have QUITE the job there!

Hi again Eric.

Check Tommys old webpage;
Contact details are listed there. Hopefully as the page is still up some of the details are still current.
I haven’t been in contact with Tommy myself so I’m not sure what hes up to these days. I did also find a short post on another forum dating back to 2014 with a few good shots of his cockpit and controls.


Howdy, ya’ll. Stuart: thank you! I’m on that shortly, brushing up on my college Deutsche just so I can feel less a schmuck.:sunglasses:
-SERGIO (Howdy!) I may be delayed by a day or few reporting back, unforeseen tech niggles being methodically addressed, BUT I have semi-categorized about 25% (300Gb) of the easiest, photos & pdfs, plus a Dropbox, and need to give you the 'Q Clearance."
Whatever you need from me, and you also, Stuart, please dm or pm or whatever the heck its termed…e-mail.:v::us:

Godspeed, Citizen Patriots!

Apologies, all. Unexpected death in close family. Glioblastoma multiforme.
I will report back.
Godspeed and Keep you all.

Sorry to hear that, Eric.

Stay safe, mate.

Howdy, all. Time to maintain an even strain and get my head back in the game. Totality of circumstances & that stuff.

*Oh, my 206 project…her name is “Belle”. She is 4 years old. Her conception took 3 prior years (see my point about this entire thread).

I want to ensure credit where credit is very, very due (Stuart…Tommy…Sean…Sergio…Yoreh… so I’m trying to address that regarding each & every photo, etc that are not otherwise annotated.

Most were iOS saves in pdf or photo form, ya’ll know exactly the issues of restoring private personal archivals without appleinc forcing a 10-step purification ritual. Or something.:grin:

Cisco PoE switch (a behemoth…dadgum) in the mix now.

Will report back.
Godspeed, All

Reached out to Tommy via e-mail, last known address.
Most of my thus-far limited but solid success…thanks ONLY to ya’ll.
We have to do this correctly, It’s A Strange World…rubbish.
Ya’ll folks inspired a new generation, an old generation, a dead-or-not generation…history shall reflect kindly upon ya’ll.
Meanwhile, we have obsolete rotorcraft to fake-fly, though…:+1:

I will report back.
Godspeed, all

Hy everyone here. Just became a member but for the old timers i am hyfly from the old hover control website. I see familiar faces ,seem like yesterday. I am now 72 but giving flightsim an other go after many years of absence. Hope to hear from you all.

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Hey hyfly! Welcome to our forums!

Hyfly, sir, thank you for sharing your inspiration with us newcomers…my goodness; what was it, twelve-15 years ago -ish?
Life intervenes, Oathkeeping is fulltime. Put my bets on Sergio, hopefully will be around to enjoy his/our inevitable success. Then, Lord willing…repopulate the species, as it were.:grin:
Many thanks, Sergio.
Godspeed All

Aside, nerdistry…I actually built Tommy’s Lego Remote cyclic-thingy-doodad. The time Tommy invested to share that educational tool was…an outstanding effort. Simply outstanding. Legos, of all things.
What an honorable bunch, here.

Hovercontrol got me started flying sim helicopters, and doing repaints. When I wanted a green helicopter, it was the HC forums that taught me how to make my own. I miss flying with the others. They made me a better sim pilot. I’m glad I saved a lot of the videos they made to a DVD, especially since YouTube made them remove the original soundtrack from Bell Fest 1.
It’s nice to see an occasional familiar name here on HeliSimmer. It’s also great that Sergio has invested the time to create something for the helicopter sim community. Nature hates a vacuum, and HeliSimmer fills that vacuum admirably. Thanks from this old fart.

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A lot of us learned with the guys from HC. It was a great bunch. Things have changed, though, and it seems that, even with the newest social platforms, folks are not as united.

Hopefully, Microsoft will get helicopters done right. Multiplayer in that sim is a breeze so perhaps folks will start flying together more often.