ProFlight Trainer lagging behind

HI all, firstly I have already spoken to Proflight and they are being very helpful.
Thought I 'd ask here just in case .
Has anyone ever had the On screen cyclic lag behind the Proflight trainer Puma controls ?
I havent simmed for a while (sorry !) and this time loading up and updating I have had this lag up to 1 to 1.5 seconds behind the Puma input. its the same on Heli and fixed wing.
When I plug in my Logitech Extreme Pro 3d (even into the same USB port) the Cyclic responds as previous, all good.
I have checked the Windows calibration of the Puma and the position dot is moving around as it should, NO lag.
When I go to the MSFS2020 Sensitivity page, again the dot in the graphs is moving as it should.
Seems to me some sort of anomaly ???
FPS is running close to 60FPS

Any Ideas what to try ?


Hey Art. I am guessing that’s an issue in MSFS?

I have seen some folks complaining about laggy controls in MSFS but I am not sure if it was with MSFS or any other controls. But it seems it was specific to a certain addon in this case, which was the FlyInside Bell 47. I never understood what was the problem with him.

Do you have that issue with all the aircraft you try or one in particular?

experimented again tonight and unfortunately no change.
tried a few more fixed wings including the standard Cessna and no difference.

I havent heard back again from Proflight yet.

Works perfectly on Xplane

Bizarre ???

How do I upload a video to show the issue ?


Fixed !!!

When I was setting up the proflight Puma profile I have bound (binded?) each of the puma axis to the wrong version of the cyclic axis . Instead of connecting to the Aileron axis I chose each of the Aileron axis directions (which it was expecting a button or keyboard input) same for the Pitch control…
Not being an expert is sometimes very frustrating…

Back to Flying…


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You are my hero, had the same problem and it drove me crazy, thank you so much!