Problem collectif

Bonjour ,

I find that the collective requires far too much power to rise and afterwards it is very difficult to do a good hover, because it immediately rises too quickly and picks up too much speed.

So far I find it difficult to manage.

For example the B47 helicopter is not easy, with a very normal behavior, the collective in hover mode is in 22-30 and I use 1/3 of the collective.

But with the bell 206 I almost reached the end of the collective race for the hover.

Edit : 21h46

After new tests I find that I made 2 errors for the engine start, this allowed me to improve the hovering start.

But what still bothers me is that the collective quickly rises to 70% while 30% max for the start will give more margin to the handle and it would arrive at about 1/3 of its race, thus giving more margin to smoothly handle the hover.

I’m totally confused. I assume you have the throttle mapped to hardware and that you’re confusing that with the collective. Sorry, none of that makes sense to me. Roll the throttle to MAX with the mouse. Dont map it to hardware until that is fixed. Use the collective to take off. It will be around .3-.5 10th pulled before liftting the skids.