Pro Flight Trainer teases new version of their flagship control set, the PUMA

And looking at the renders, there are a lot of differences between this new version of the kit and the last one. There’s a huge central, solid panel right behind the cyclic. The part that is used to stop the unit from moving (which you normally “attach” to a chair) seems to have a lot more room for adjustments.

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looking forward to seeing a review of the upcoming version.
I’m going to learn flying helicopters in real life, on a R22, and I’m thinking of buying good controllers to help with my training. Would love to see a review of the Apache R22 controller on this website. It also looks great, and would love to be able to compare it with the Puma.

How important do you guys think it is to have controllers that “feel” like the real thing, muscle memory wise ? The Apache R22 is a T-bar, like on the real Robinson, and would be almost exactly identical to the real one. Or do you think the shape of the cyclic does not really matter, and the Puma would work just as well?


I’m not an instructor so I can’t answer that but it will be very hard to replicate exactly the feeling of a helicopter in one of these kits. It will help if you have something similar to the real deal but it will always have its differences.