Pro flight trainer helicopter simulator cockpit

Pro Flight Trainer Helicopter Simulator Cockpit any one can build.

The hard part of the build was figuring out the perfect angle of the seat.

Parts List.

Extreme Simracing Seat X
SKU: Color:Red

Trak Racer Universal Oversized Seat Side Mounts

Marada Driving Racing Seat ,Racing Simulator Steering Wheel Stand Compatible for T500, FANTEC, T3PA/TGT, G25, G37, G29/T300RS Not Included Racing Wheel Stand

10 in total
3/16" - 2-1/2" Bolts with washers and nuts

Blue ThreadLocker

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That’s a brilliant solution. Love it.

HI Sergio, The seat needs to be raised by 8" inches.

I used two very thick and stiff seat cushions.

Thank you.

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Hi Sergio,

Any one can build this Helicopter Cockpit.

Raising The seat on the Cockpit super simple, super fast, inexpensive.

The seat slides easily front or back.

You can use different sized Angle to raise the seat a bit more.
For Example you can use a number of combinations such as 1-1/2" angle with 1-1/2 x 2" angle or any other number of combination angle sizes.

1/1/2" inch angle is right size to bolt under the seat and to mount to the base.

This modification was effortless. and only took 15 minutes.

The holes on the angle lines up perfectly with the holes on the base where the seat was mounted and lines up perfectly under the where the bolt needs to be.

This setup is super strong.

Most of the nuts, bolts and washers used cam with the Cockpit Frame listed above.

The only nuts and bots that were purchase was for securing the Pro Flight Trainer to the Cockpit frame and to keep the frame from sliding apart.

Thank you Sergio,
I couldn’t be bothered to paint the angle or flie the edges smooth.

Hi Sergio,
I also Purchased the SimShaker JetPad FlightSim Edition from Andrea’s Shop

The SimShaker JetPad FlightSim Edition fits this my simulator cockpit seat perfectly.

It also works incredibly amazing.

The setup is simple and easy.

I Highly recommend it.

Thank you Sergio.