Preview: FlyInside Bell 47-G2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Stop the presses! Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting yet a new helicopter . This time, it’s a payware one, coming from the team that brought VR to FSX and X-Plane (before it got native VR support) and made their own flight simulator .

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Why is “Use engine governor” on both the controls and flight model pages?

Donald AKA Shalomar

Because its all on the same page, it looks like 2 different pages where in fact its a scroll down split by the 2 screenshots :slight_smile:

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I’ve really been hoping this would turn out to be worthwhile - and if Sergio says it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough!

It’ll be slow (really slow), but the view is gonna be GREAT. Looking forward to seeing it perform in sim :slight_smile:

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Great writeup, Sergio. I can’t wait to fly this thing.

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I agree,…very nice review! I’m looking forward to flying this model.
Any thoughts about the system fidelity? Is it possible to ‘fly it by the book’…-ish?
Can you tell us anything about the price?
Thanks Sergio!

Price should be around $30 but don’t quote me on that.

One of the developers is a pilot with a lot of Bell 47 time (he used to own a couple, I think) so he is making sure you can fly her by the numbers.

Thank you! You will love it for sure. I am really in love with this little bugger and flying around in MSFS in this whirlybird is just… Well, it’s exactly as I imagined! That bubble!

No pressure! :sweat_smile:

I have been flying this one for a few weeks now, and it has made MSFS my new fave helicopter simulator. Granted, it’s twitchy, unforgiving, and painfully slow, but really fun to fly, and over a photogrammetric 3D city, it’s so fantastic that you’re in danger to make some silly piloting error while gaping at the view.

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Are you using VR as well?

Not yet. For one, all my simming money went to upgrading my controls (very happy with Virpil hardware, thanks to your reviews), plus, since I can get motion sickness just by looking at a screen in a FPS, I’m not sure I’m ready for VR. Maybe later I’ll give the HP Reverb G2 a try. Any thoughts about a headset choice?

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I use the G2 and it’s a rather nice headset. Folks also praise the Valve Index a lot but I do not have experience with that one.

Thanks for the info. The Valve is a bit expensive and it needs base stations, so, when I go vr, it will probably be G2.

I used to have the HTC Vive and, although I never had any issues with them, getting rid of the base stations felt great. It was this eventual point of failure that I always worried about.