Prepar3D v5 is coming and what does that mean for helicopters?

A new software version is always a reason for the community to get excited about. Prepar3D, being one of the most used sims out there, obviously got a lot of eyes on it. Especially since the release is only a few days away.

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I sit this one out and wait for the new DCS World modules (Kiowa, MBB-105 and the Hind) and of course the new Flightsimulator. I’m an ALPHA tester and most of the world looks amazing for helicopter flights :slight_smile:

It’s not arrogant. It’s their business model. We are not their market at all. They have a market and it’s not their fault that people use the sim in other ways than they put it on the market for.

It’s a whole different philosophy.

Oke, Thanks for the head’s up! :slight_smile: got it! :wink:

Thank you Sergio for your very honest article, your statement is very true !!!

Someone may believe it or not, but mainly because of the massive lack of content, missions, AND proper Heli-Flight-Dynamics, I’ve completely ditched and dumped my P3D simulator almost two months ago.

And X-Plane too, because of the constant and inherent lack of content/missions, etc… . With these two simulators accompanying me, and my life as a simmer became more and more boring to death literally.

Finally I was also done with all these (and in many ways unnacessary) graphic excesses, without offering new flying dynamics, contents, new enhanced AI, missions, something really revolutionary and special to the client from Laminar’s or LM’s side.
The only solution for me was ripping the line, and going back to the roots but more sophisticated of course.

My solution: I consequently went back to FSX (DX10 with Steve’s Fixer). Now and again with some glorious addons which have never been updated for other platforms.

Like JustFlight’s “Airshow Pilot”, or Rescue Pilot, with tons and tons of missions and contents, some just for enterainment and many of them are really demanding, and some almost impossible :slight_smile: - a sack full of surprises and choices. Something which X-Plane and P3D cannot deliver nowhere near enough, despite its graphics.

And the main addon, my favourite one I’m using, the core of my “new”, shiny and glorious FSX, is Fred Naar’s legendary HTR Tool - Helicopter Total Realism - THIS IS JUST OUTSTANDING, and the work of a genius.

Now I got back the twitchy and joy bringing Robinson R22 in FSX, which I’ve desperately lost in Aerofly FS2, after IPACS’s decission to defuse the original Flight Model of their R22 (they’ve cut the feathers of an originally beautiful bird to fly).

So, my “new” FSX with Fred’s HTR Tool has replaced three sims for me and also their helicopter flying: Aerofly FS2, X-Plane, and P3D of course. Only AFS2 has survived on my rig for occasional stuff.

And the best of the best: My joy and fulfillment for flight simming came back into my pit, into my heart; and with every day new challenges :slight_smile:

Hello Gustav. Thank you so much for your kind feedback.

Thank you also for sharing your story. I always say that we should use the sim that gives us what we are looking for and you are doing exactly that.

Fred Naar’s work is nothing short of extraordinary. He is working on his own sim which should solve some of the problems you mention. It won’t have the whole world but it’s being made with a purpose.

Let’s hope Microsoft also does something about it on the new sim.

Thank you once again for sharing your story and for being part of our community.

Take care. And fly safe!