Please add livery for the AS350

Hello, I work as a helicopter mechanic in Japan. I came across your company while playing MSFS as a hobby. My company often uses the as350, so I purchased it within MSFS. While playing, I was able to make one request. Currently, there are two Japanese aircraft in the liveries distributed, Aero Asahi and Nakanihonn Air. This is very nice, but I would like you to add a livery for TOHO Air’s JA506E as well. I would be very happy if the three major companies in the Japanese helicopter industry were to be together. I know you are very busy with new developments and reworks, but my request is that you implement it. Finally, Cowansim’s flight model is so realistic that even as someone who has touched the actual aircraft, I am impressed. I hope that you will continue to release twin-engine aircraft such as the as365 and aw139. I love Cowansim’s flight model.

Hi! Not the exact same airframe, but this livery seems to be identical: