Phillip Ubben and Khamsin show off a bit more of their upcoming Lama for X-Plane

In the video we can see the startup procedure as well as a bit of flying around. Although it's quite impossible to have a real notion of the flight dynamics, the position of the controls seem to indicate that it is getting very interesting as well.

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amazing! when will it be available? I want it!

I’m with flyer192. Gotta have!!

Good call on the controls Sergio, i would not have caught how Nose Heavy it appears to be. Its been a bit since ive flown the 315 currently in Xplane but i seem to remember constantly fighting the pitch on it… but, when you get it dialed in hang on! One of my Fav’s, cant wait.

I’m really eager to get my hands on it as well. These are those kinds of helicopters that really make you work for it. I love them. I love all helicopters but the less automation you have, the more I enjoy them. There’s quite a mystique with these earlier machines.