Old hovercontrol member checking in

Well seeing as how hovercontrol.com shut down many moons ago, this seems to be the go to place for rotorheads on the net now. I really miss that place and its helicopter training base at hoodriver within FSX but I think I am in a good place now.

Its nice to be here and look forward to hanging out in a new spot!



Hey Mina. Welcome to the forums! Don’t forget to check out our other hubs as well. We have a lot of people on our Facebook Group, for example, and the discussion tends to gravitate towards it quite often.

I hope you enjoy it here!

Thanks, I left social media about a year ago so all I use now is steam, discord, and parler.

Helisimmer has a discord, if you’re not already on it. And I’m part of a couple of helicopter centric discord servers if you’re interested.

Also on HypePerformanceGroup, they are building a H145 for MSFS and a lot of the old gang from Hovercontrol are on their Discord server.