Odd roll axis error in DCS with Puma flight controls

HI all, another Newby question, sorry about that, I have just discovered that my roll axis is not calibrated correctly, but in DCS only ???

Xplane works 100% fine. so that makes me think its not a Puma output error ?

When in DCS if I move the stick from extreme left to centre everything is fine, but when I move beyond centre to the right, the indicator zooms off at a greater rate and hits maximum before the stick is at its extreme right position .

I have tried adjusting the curve in settings but have so far not come up with a satisfactory outcome.
Its not a progressive change, it happens as soon as I go past centre, but all the way from left to centre is fine …

Any ideas ?


Try calibrating it on Windows. I think X-Plane works independently of the Windows calibration tool but not DCS.

Thanks Sergio … That seems to have fixed it, It must have been that way all along and I
just thought I was a terrible pilot ! the Huey was almost uncontrollable.

DCS is much more fun now…


Great! Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: