New video: Where are the helicopters for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Although we have several articles published on the matter, a lot of you still ask about helicopters in Microsoft’s new sim. As such, I’ve decided to make a small video with all the information we have right now. That should put you up to speed!

I hope you enjoy it! Find it here:

Hi Sergio, You have made a nice video on “Where are the helicopters for Microsoft Flight Simulator”.

Here is my position on this subject of which I have made known on another post.

Microsoft is a multi Billion Dollar Company.
There are helicopters on previous Microsoft Simulators, "Bell Jet Ranger, Robinson.

Microsoft could have very easily had have programmers build fully modeled VR Ready the existing Bell and the Robinson and had them with extremely accurate flight physics on this release.

Helicopters have been around as long as airplanes.

Further more this release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is horribly under developed.

I am extremely disappointed with Microsoft.

They could do that, yes. But how long would that take?

There’s a concept in software development that goes something like this: “release early, release often”. That that means is: release a product that’s good enough to enter the market, but keep on updating it and improving it often, as users try it, break it and provide feedback.

That’s a great way to have something out there that is being shaped by the audience and not just by the developers and producers.

I believe that’s what Microsoft did here.

Granted, they could have added VR from the start (they admitted it was a mistake not to do it in the first place) but helicopters are something that would be a bit more tricky as they depend on the base sim, base physics and base flight dynamics to be top notch.

Based on the “release early, release often” strategy, I must say that I am willing to wait. Money would not solve the problem here. But precious feedback from the thousands of simmers that are using it, is a huge help.