New model ! AS350B2 for XP11 /WIP/

good morning helisimmers !!!

we are happy to present a brand new project from a brand new team

AS350 B2 Vemd

  • the flight model has been completly done using the IRL machine manuals
  • 4k textures with PBR
  • high resolution 3D models
  • lot of features is planned for the bird

the Paint Kit is being done at the moment

the VEMD has been given by a great freeware dev johnbray Huge Thanks for his advice and time :wink:


This looks excellent, great work, I have just one question about the external model, I see it on all 3d models of the AS350 in both X-plane and FSX/P3D, why is the nose so short and rounded compared to the actual aircraft?


hi there well i assume that all pro 3D devs don’t see this particularity, it 's plan for the B2 to point a bit more the nose
ETA of the B2:
-flight model is completed as much as possible, start up procedures are being planned as next step
-rotors animations are in places (need to work on custom datarefs to make the STARFLEX animation right)
-Doors animation are complete, instuments animations and functionnalitys are still being refined
-We already have a paint kit made by one of our crew member


Update Of WIP
we have been working hard lately to go forward the dev of the bird
-FMOD project have started with fresh AS350 B2 sounds recorded this year
-Various equipments versions with Moutain Bike Rack, baskets, skids versions, sling frame, mirrors, wire cutters, Winch, skids bear claws
-Lights Added
-3D model fixes
-Angle on the tail mast
-Pilots with pro 3D helmets and Various passengers (skier, medics, MTB riders)
-Flight model minor fixes

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