New Aerofly FS4 UH-60 BlackHawk screenshots

A few weeks ago, IPACS released an update for their Aerofly FS4 sim, and, by then, they told us a new helicopter was coming in 2022.

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is this freeware?

Yes but we don’t know if it will be part of the base pack or the Deluxe version.

oh interesting. havn’t heard yet of deluxe.
had aerofly uninstalled after xp11 hit the market, lost a bit of overview.
will try and figure out on their homepage then, but i will not again spend on
another sim platform really. At some point you have to commit to one, but they seem trying hard to be incomplete in one way or another. aerofly and dcs have limited flyable areas (maps), msfs is well, you know, and laminar seems to screw with their betas, there is no breakthrough on the horizon really.

Yeah Aerofly FS does need to advance quite a bit more in my opinion too. They still need to catch up on a lot of different areas.