Nemeth Designs released S300Cbi for MSFS

Nemeth Designs has always been a hallmark in helicopter flight simulation as the team has developed a couple of dozens of helicopters for FSX and P3D. They are also the team behind the default Bell 407 for MSFS.

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Have they fixed the B407 yet?
In contrast to the Guimbal Cabri, it’s flight model is terrible…

why would I spend money on this one if they can’t make it fly right?

A shame, because I like this one and would consider it otherwise.

This is exciting because the MSFS2024 Sikorsky CH-54A& Erickson S-64E SkyCrane featured in the trailer could be theirs.
Since they did the Bell 407 for Asobo / microsoft.
Even more important they have made the Chinouk and other exiting helicopter models for FSX / P3D that are beging to be transerred to MSFS.
Could this mean that my helicopter hangar could get cramped with great models.
Exiting times
This one will be purchased by me to sit besides the FlyInside one.
Since you never have enough helicopters.

Hey! I know it’s not theirs. I suspect I know who made it but I can’t confirm.

I love the fact that you know who is who in flightsim and who is doing what.
Therefore I support you for the good work your are doing in your spare time.
WE LOVE YOU :wink:

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Thank you very much. I really can’t express how much your support means to me. It would be impossible to do what I do without the help of everyone that contributes to the website.

So, thank YOU. And I love you too, buddy! Thank you!