Nemeth Designs about P3Dv5

Hello all,

I was wondering if somebody knows about Nemeth Designs Helicopter’s for P3Dv5 as I was wondering when I saw their Chinook in a video on P3Dv5. And are there any other Heli-Developer for P3Dv5 right now with MP Designs?

Thanks for your help!


I have tried the AS-332, the Skycrane and I believe the AW-109. All have bugs when running under v5. Some still have bugs when running under v4. Please note - this is my experience, others may have them running just fine. The huge disappointment is that almost all of the data displayed on gauges is fake data. Even the LVARs use the word fake :slight_smile:
But since I needed a twin turbine base model to work from I still use the 332. But all of the fuel data, torque and power info I have my own models running where I get data for my gauges. My sim is a full scale sim so I don’t use any cockpit gauges from the add on at all.