My Personal View of the Bell 47

In a single word: Great!

I have flown one of these IRL for a fair few “you have” hours as a technician. This is the first model, free or payware, for an iteration of flight simulators on a home PC that really does it. The only things I can suggest to improve it are technical on the repaint aspects (and I am in a dialogue with Flyinside about that). What we have here is an unturbocharged Bell 47 basically to showroom standard without the options added. Bearing in mind you never get the true “Butt-Feeling” on a home PC flight sim (unless you have the money for a 6 axis motion seat, I really get a great feel flying this lovely relic of a byegone era in VR.

I even expect to see improvements in helicopter simulation once Asobo gets geared up.

People may want more modern control options for this little clockwork mouse, but you really have to “fly” this helicopter. There is no autopilot and the only “hands off” you can do is to lock the collective friction, change hands on the cyclic and operate switches on the console. Let go of the cyclic for a second and the B47 WILL try to kill you.

But my main joy with this model is as a painter… I like it! Despite a few requests I have made to Flyinside. And if there are a group you you brave enough to risk it and if Flyinside can do it, then you might expect a team of these to be available one day:

As you can see - the authenticity is not really there because at the moment the transparencies are unpaintable.