MSGS 2020 H125 Front Doors Missing in Multiplayer

Are you aware that all H125’s in MSFS multiplayer are missing their front doors? :grimacing:

A fix would be appreciated to keep the “immersion” level as real as it gets! :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers :grin:

Yes, Im aware of that. Weights are not shared with other simmers, and the doors are tied to weight. So since it defaults to zero, then when in multi-player you will not see doors. I’ve thought about a workaround but haven’t gotten to it.

That makes sense. :thinking:
Looking at the image, I see that all weight-related items my friend had activated are missing!

I appreciate your prompt reply and explanation more than anything else.
Hope you can implement your workaround solution when time permits. :+1:

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same thing with B222which is silly as the B222 never operated without its front doors so not even sure why the option is there

Even though it’s not a real life thing I would get 100s of requests to be able to remove the doors. So that is pretty much mandatory because of pressure from customers and always has been.

Isn’t there another way to do it?
I mean its kind of disgusting and embarrassing that some creators are now able to transmit gun and explosions across multilayer but on the B222 you cant even transmit doors being attached

Disgusting and embarrassing? Im not even responding to that trashy talk. :roll_eyes::man_facepalming: That’s not how we get things done.