MSFS H125 Force Trim

Hi - great job on bringing the H125 to MSFS. It’s difficult to find out what the facts are on this but is there really no force trim in MSFS, and if so is there some kind of work around I can use to apply trim or at least center to cyclic?


So there is none in MSFS but there are bindings for rotor trims which will suffice.

There isn’t force trim. Not yet. Use regular trim and reset trim. There’s absolutely zero code for force trim. Just trim it out like normal and when you want to reset it then use that too…

yes, thank you. That is what I have since figured out and it’s working well enough.

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Could you please confirm which trim settings I need to bind to my joystick (Logitech X56)? I’ve tried setting the following:

  • Set Rotor Longitudinal Trim
  • Set Rotor Lateral Trim
  • Rotor Trim Reset

However, these binds don’t seem to do anything for me. When I move the cyclic to where I’d like to trim and press the Longitudinal and Lateral Trim binds mentioned above and then release the cyclic, the nose is sent skywards!

Thinking this might be an issue with my joystick, I also tried binding the same controls to separate keyboard buttons but still face the same issue.


Unless i am mistaken, i just got back in the sim since a few months out, shortly after helicopters were introduced in the Sim. Back then, the Force Trim was not working, on contrairy as i brought up on the bug section of the MSFS forum after checking with a few people, when binding the Force Trim button, instead of doing a ForceTrim behaviour as we expected it, it was acting as a reset trim button.

So the setting i had since then, seems to still work on all choppers, not only CW, is trimming incremental like trimming some aicrafts, not sure if the proper way to do it, but works for me, so:

Nose Up:
Increase Rotor Longitudinal Trim

Nose Down:
Decrease Rotor Longitudinal Trim

Trim Right:
Increase Rotor Lateral Trim

Trim Left:
Increase Rotor Lateral Trim

Reset Trim:
Set Rotor Longitudinal Trim + Set Rotor Lateral Trim

In other words, when you were binding to the Set ones, it was acting as a resetting trim.

This is a MSFS thing, not CW choppers only. Seems they changed if i am not mistaken, as before i am pretty sure i binded this to Force Trim and seems it it changes to both Set Rotor now as Force Trim seems not to be part of the controls anymore from what i see when doing a Name Search.

To test out, you can play on the ground in external view and look at the Trim gauge.


Thanks a lot for the information! I’ll give your suggestion a go the next time I’m in the sim :slight_smile:

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Hey Doum066, I tried out what you said and I’m able to trim. Thanks again! The H125 is so much more enjoyable to fly now.

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@Matt1234 nice! Glad i could help! :slight_smile:

Shuuuuut, not too loud, might make my Bell 206B3 jealouse :slight_smile: , as it is my favorite one, though i own all CS helis for MSFS.

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