MSFS Developer Presentation: helicopter updates •

Microsoft and Asobo had their first Developer Presentation of 2024 and talked about Sim Update 15 and what’s coming. One of the features was... Helicopters!

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If they would implement USB controller support for turbine helicopters’ twist fuel controller that’s on some helis’ collective, I would be more of a happy camper. How did they miss this? Right now it can only be controlled with the mouse, unless you have Axes and Ohs.

Throttle control was fixed some time ago already. It depends on the developers to use it.

Cowan Simulation has been updating their models to use it.

I did not know this! Thanks for the reply. Do you have a link to more information about this?

Unfortunately, there is no documentation about it. Joshua Cowan found that out!

Hello, I’m new here.
I have the bell 206b cowan. I have a problem setting the collective and the throttle to, I use mobiflight and I have a collective with 2 potentiometers. The collective works very well, but the throttle does not work I tried all the events, but it doesn’t work.
what should I do?
thank you for your answers

Have you set it up as per the manual indications? Folks usually forget to check it out.