Monstertech flight sim/racing rig

I just completed this. I’ve been flight simming for several decades, and finally decided to spend the simoleons on a semi-dedicated rig (simracing is a new hobby for me). I’m pretty happy with it, although the $125 bought-from-AMZ seat is too small for my butt.

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view of the entire rig.


DCS A10C weapons/view/etc. switchology, on a programmable keypad from AMZ (Koolertron brand)

. I bought keycaps with removable tops to retrofit it; they are also from AMZ.

Tilting up the TM racing wheel reveals the Buddy-fox A-10C UFC, which I’ve learned is invaluable for controlling many CDU things. I think this is kinda clever :grinning:.


  • Monstertech MTX-F/R frame with HOTAS and MFD accessory kits. Oh, and the cupholder ;^)
  • Monstertech monitor mount/frame
  • Racing seat that doesn’t fit me, but it was a good place to start. I plan to take Noobifier’s route and employ the seat part of a gaming chair eventually.
  • TMW Warthog throttle and grip
  • Virpil MongoosT-50CM2 stick Base and 100mm extension (I luuuv this setup, esp. for DCS heli flying)
  • MFG Crosswind pedals
  • TM Cougar MFDs
  • Buddy-Fox UFC (
  • Samsung 43" ultrawide monitor
  • Oculus Rift VR headset
  • my ancient Logitech THX 5.1 speaker setup (currently running 2.1)
  • Acer Predator i7 gaming laptop (soon to be replaced with an Alienware R9 gaming “desktop”: Intel i7, Nvidia RTX2060, 32GB)
  • Racing: TM TS-PC Racer wheel, TM T3PA-Pro pedals

I guess I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff, right?

That is quite an impressive setup. Looks like you’re set for hours of simming in several genres there :slight_smile: