Mil Mi-2 pretty please :)

Maybe after Ka-32 … Your Mi-2 port from FS9 for P3Dv4.5?
I miss this bird in the sim from FS2004 time :(.

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Actually, we gave this a thought already. And the Ka-26/226 too.

Who knows what the future holds. :wink:

Thanks, Mi-2 is the legendary so my fingers are crossed for this bird Tamas, TY! :heart:

I waiting also legendary Mil Mi-17 (FS9) for P3D4.5 !


hello everyone I don’t know if it will be correct to post here, I have this helicopter in P3dv4 but I have a problem to configure the collective accelerator, it seems that it consists of 2 accelerators.
1 Rotor Pitch
2 throttle
both work with a percentage, I can calibrate the Rotor Pitch with fsuipc but I cannot calibrate throttle, can someone help me ?, forgive my english I use google translate