Microsoft released Sum Update 12 Beta release notes

Three weeks ago, or so, Microsoft was kind enough to send me a list of everything they were planning to release in Sim Update 12, regarding helicopters of course.

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Ok well they did end up doing a release section for the 407 but there was no fix for the twist throttle axis not working .

I still can’t assign it on any joystick by moving it and have to pick it from the list .

It works in the setup screen but still no movement in the sim .

What is wrong with Asobo and helicopters, do they just not care ?

I think there’s a lot going on and not everyone is in sync. From what I realized, Nemeth Designs were chasing development a bit as Asobo implemented helicopter features, so they ended up not being able to do everything they needed.

And it seems it may have happened again. SU12 is coming out and I am starting to wonder if Nemeth Designs had proper access in time…