Microsoft Flight Simulator: Steam, VR helicopters and continuous updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator enters the closed beta stage today and is scheduled for release on August 18th. You probably already heard about it several times before and today, as the information embargo for media outlets is lifted, a lot of websites out there will release a world of information.

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FSX also was here for quite a long time… 2006 to 2020 means errr 14 years and it is still not dead :slight_smile:
xplane 11 is far more recent.

Though those are good news, hope they will do the helicopter flight model really well… the new astounding flight sim graphics alongside VR, orbx quality, and low slow flight with helicopters that will be amazing…

This may be of interest to people here, seems to confirm helicopters will be the first DLC:

This recent interview with Asobo/MS also talks about helicopters:

Hi I have been a Heli Flight Simmer for many years. I have purchased all of Microsoft Flight Simulators including this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Boxed version for PC.

It is my personal opinion Microsoft has no excuse for having not included the R22 and the Bell 206 as in the previous versions,

In these posts as well as other posts they say they need time to model correct Helicopter flight dynamics and VR.

This is absolutely NONSENSE, RIDICULOUS, DUMB, and I am holding back and being polite!

Microsoft could have easily have added the two helicopters with this release of MFS 2020 and they could have added these two helicopters in the first update of MFS 2020.

I am going to stop here as I am fuming!

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Well, it’s not that simple. Helicopter flight dynamics are extremely difficult to develop and they did a terrible job at FSX with helicopters. Helicopters in Microsoft sims have always been pretty bad and if they had added it to the sim, that would be a major disappointment as we are all hoping to see an improved flight dynamics.

Microsoft is working to add helicopters in the future, and they said to be counting on us here at to help them to that properly.

As a developer, I understand that we need to build the base and the get on with the rest of the software. Fixed wing and general dynamics need to be finished and polished and then helicopters, in all their complexity, can be built upon that base.

We just need to be patient. Helicopters will eventually come and, if Microsoft fulfills their promise, we will get them in a much better version.