Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 14: helicopter changes •

MSFS Sim Update 14 is upon us, and, with it, we shall be going through the usual update process where we download quite a hefty amount of data (10.45GB on my end), see the community meltdown with update issues or complaints about things that were not updated but the vast majority of us will probably just cruise along, feeling lucky for not having those said issues.

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I think that it would be very useful if you could do a review of the current state of the 407 and the current state of helicopters in msfs in general. We are now a year or so into helicopters and it would be good to evaluate progress and identify the items still outstanding. Perhaps you and Josh Cowan could collaborate on such a piece.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say or write about. It’s pretty much the same with some small improvements that are far from being anything truly relevant.

Third party developers are being able to tackle some of the issues but the base sim should provide basic funcionality.

So they still didn’t fix the throttle issue?

The latest info I got from a third-party developer indicated there was a fix but it’s obscure and undocumented. I have reached out to MS about this and am trying to figure it out.

I hope that they will fix the Helicopter Bounce. It is not really Possible to land on a Platform.
Did Asobo said if and when they fix it.