MicroProse announces Outerra World Sandbox

“Outerra World Sandbox gives you the whole world to use as canvas to create, explore and share. Create terrain and share it online or download the creations of others and then explore it on foot or in any mode of transportation that you and the community create.”

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Very interesting and I hope this gains traction!

However, I think this is more aligned with general animation/simulation like Arma or Train Simulator, et al. do, rather than something that would compete with P3D, XP or MSFS.

Flight Sim in and of itself is extremely difficult (note the various aerodynamic shortcomings of all the major flight sims…).

So it’s fine to show basic “flight animation” in the trailer, but that doesn’t mean they have the physics engine that a good flight simulator requires. And again, I think of Arma. It provides “good enough” when your main focus ISN’T flight sim, etc…

It’s possible MicroProse have anticipated this and actually have some type of “Fluid Dynamics” module available.

Or it could be that they’ve structured the game to support something like Fly Inside’s encapsulated Flight Model…?

And if you look at it vs say, MSFS, why would anyone want to choose this over MSFS’s considerable reality unless they want some type of alternate reality/historical depiction for very specific scenarios?