Looking for IVAO users

Good afternoon,
I would like to meet people who like to make helicopter flights on IVAO to organize some flights and fly together.

I am mainly interested in conventional IFR flights without using GPS, since VFR flight is still difficult without a photorealistic scenario, later with the departure of the new Microsoft Flight Simulation it would be possible to organize VFR flights.

Mainly I fly the Bell 429 and Bell 412, in my opinion they are the best helicopters for Xplane11.
I also have the AW139 which is very beautiful but leaves much to be desired.

If you enjoy flying helicopters on IVAO, we can get in touch with Discord, and if we are a few, we could create a common Discord channel. (EDIT: We can use the actual Helisimmer Discord channel, here is a link to join it: https://discord.gg/HNBssX )

And if you would like to learn to fly in IVAO using real procedures and correct phraseology, I will be happy to teach you.


There is already a Hellisimmer Discord channel available for multiplayer use so it would be a good idea to use that rather than reinvent the wheel. :wink:

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Hi I fly 429,206…whatever really…ivao and vatsim member…I have the details and can log onto helisimmer site in joinfs…I never see anyone on there…otherwise id join the session n chase em up… so yeah…could be worth a shot to start a group flight on helisimmer server?then see how that goes then maybe ivao…I love ivao but im not liking the new software…I can’t get it to run with TS2…so…it will be better when they integrate a voice app into altittude tho… Im just using old XIVAP for the time being…anyways get back if interested in trying fsjoin…see how it goes…

Hi Eiva. I flew IVAO a few times, but true, it is lonely for a heli pilot. Love to get together for a flight.

Haven’t ever used IVAO, but I have use VATSIM a few. I like that VATSIM is using actual radio frequencies and unicom but there is rarely anybody on in the area’s i would fly in anyway.

@Freakyfeet You’re right, I updated the post by adding the address to Discord.
I didn’t know it existed, thanks.

@worracnan I have never used joinfs, I like to fly on IVAO to have ATC and use real procedures and phraseology, i don’t realy like to arcade fly.
New software on IVAO works well to be in phase Beta, they will implement new things and integrated communications is one of them.

@Daviderard You’re right, it’s a lonely place for a helicopter pilot but we can fix that :slight_smile:

@cdarthvader There was a moment that I considered flying in VATSIM but I opted for IVAO because it has more ATC and Pilots in the area of Europe and South America that is where I usually fly, it is a shame that the simulated aviation community is divided into two networks since we are very few.

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Hi Darth. I love IVAO exactly for the use of real radio codes which tune in as you click them on your navigationals. There is a whole world of Control Tower simmers, which is pretty cool. On both VATSIM and IVAO they take their job super seriously, maybe sometimes to the extreme (I have encountered some at Nice airport that will make you sweat). On X-Plane, IVAO works better visually. With VATSIM airplanes seem floating 10-20 feet off the ground.

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By the way, I will love to get together for a heli fly-in. Let’s get this organized. I would suggest Quatam river.

I would suggest to decide the departure and arrival airport 30min before the flight to chose that ones that have ATC connected.

But I can adapt!

For me is it possible this afternoon around 17:00Z. I will be on travel tomorrow until 7 January.