Looking for general advices :)

Hey guys,

I’m 32, from France, and i’m very interested into heli simulations.

I was assistant on AS350 during 3 months, was a really great experience, but i’ve to stop cause of health problems…

Anyways, i’m looking for (a lot) of advices !

I would like to play a Heli Simulator (FSX? DCS? Xplane?) but with some features…

I would like to do aerial work with an heli, to deliver charges into some unreachable areas.

For example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVqatPP3j-k

I do not own any simulator yet so :

Which game is better for this ?
Which addons do i need ?

Thanks for all of your advices :slight_smile:

For your goal and purpose I would say X-plane that is what I use.
The helicopter is available and the scenery is there.
There is a standard sling load function in x-plane.
I know more advanced sling load plugins are available or coming soon.
I don’t know there names.
Other members can give you more info on this.

The advanced hoist plug-in is from SwissCreations but they never got to release it, unfortunately.

Still, X-Plane is probably the best option, yes.