Looking at buying helicopters by MScenery? Read this first (seriously)

If you have been following HeliSimmer.com for some time, you probably have already noticed that I do my best to keep a neutral stance and look at the positive side of things.

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Thanks Sérgio.

It’s a shame when things get like this, but I’m behind you in what you’re doing with the article. You walk a good many miles to help everyone you can, so I know that you’ve definitely weighed up doing the most for the most, as one might say, when putting this together.

I’m in total agreeance with your thoughts on the review system too. Just an extension so it better reflects something tried and true like Steam, or even the Microsoft Store itself, where people can write some notes about their thoughts as well, would make a world of difference.

It just helps so much in figuring out how much credence to give certain reviews, and to pick out the ones that most align with your own position. Because, as you say, different camps can have different preferences and perspectives.

Thanks for all your ongoing work.



I think this garbage should be banned overnight.
We are not talking about the android app store where the goal is to have the biggest amount of apps, irregardless of quality, but about a very specific plateform that people use to learn how to pilot aircrafts.
They sell products that just fool people, who will not be able to learn how to fly.
Also, if no measure is taken again these scammers, that will just teach other scammers that the place is open bar.

Hi Graeme. Thank you very much for pitching in and for your kind words.

I really don’t like to write these kinds of articles. They always feel weird to me and it puts me in a position that I don’t like, of being someone that is attacking a developer.

But, at the same time, I think people need to, at least, know what they are buying into and I am not interested in giving this developer more money to be able to review their products. A “blanked statement” seemed to be the best way to get people’s attention. But I was not comfortable with it.

Yes, Steam does come to my mind as far as a review system go. Force people to comment when providing a rating, let people rate other folks’ comments and perhaps create a curator system where respected folks from the community can pitch in and get their thoughts a bit more visible. That would help a lot.

That would open a can of worms. I address that in the article. Where would we draw the line? How could it not be interpreted as discrimination?

I believe more on a good rating system than in removing these products.

I think that if Microsoft can simply do a checklist of things that need to be met to stay in the store.
-Accuracy of the model
-Accuracy of the instruments
-Accuracy of the specifications
-Unique flight model settings (if based on the example too much, consider the aircraft as a fake)
If this is not met within a couple weeks, then the product is removed automatically.

Then add in the store a report button, and when a threshold of complaint is reached, as well as bad ratings, MS can remove the product and proceed to global a refund.

If these scammer want to sell their crap, they still can, but that would be outside of the store.

Anyway, MS should filter publishers and aircrafts BEFORE they put something on the store.

I agree, it’s either going to be a free market-place or a controlled one. Consumers only learn by their personal experience when consuming (he, he ala Harris). But it’s true. I recently made the mistake of buying the R22 from MSdesign in the marketplace, it’s a terrible simulation. I should have known better, I had purchased their H300 before and I simply don’t fly it, being it an insult to any helicopter aficionado.
A free market-place also requieres that consumers criticize products and, in this case, developers. Your insights and reviews are a great help. To me, they seem accurate and honest. I suggest a voting survey for every model reviewed to make it even more informative.
Keep it up.

I am certain that, with the right vision, leadership and will to improve, the marketplace could become a very powerful tool, not just to make money but also to actually serve the community and, at the same time, reward good developers.

The ball is on Microsoft’s court and I would love to see that happen.