Lack of Support from Nemeth Designs

Looks like Nemeth brothers have Disappeared again.

If you’re going to do payware.
Then at least monitor your support forum
and maybe provide answers or some acknowledgement from your customers.
You’ve done this once before guys with your disappearing act.
looking through the various posts I’m seeing mostly tumbleweeds and the sound of crickets chirping.

Pretty ordinary effort.
Lift your game.


The lack of support regarding updating our stuffs are due to the reason that the programmer who could revise/fix/correct the problematic aspects of the products is not interested in investing more time into this work for now due to lack of general interest from wider audience.

I can and I do answer emails when with problems regarding technical stuffs such as installation issues and download problems, supplying missing files or general advice about how to attempt fixing things but I’m not in the capability of redoing coding or any parts of programming that would fix core systems, FD tweaks or gauges, sound issues and such.

As making helicopter ad-dons for FS/P3D is not very lucrative business it is almost impossible to find another encoder/programmer who would pick up the task for the money I’m able to offer for such work.

For the above reason all I can say for such inquiry is that the customer support will be re-established from only generic solutions for generic problems to standard level when the mentioned position will be fulfilled by someone.

Tamas Nemeth

Heli Simmers are and have always been left behind.
I am one of them now for a great deal of many years.

There is world wide interest for Heli Simmers and there would be a great deal more if there were Helicopters with proper flying physic’s for various makes and models along with compatibly with VR.

This is not a new story but a very old one of neglect for Heli simmers carried on now to the year 2020.

I am in absolute disbelief!

Microsoft could have had collaborated with programmers with real helicopters pilots to create several popular helicopter’s for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 even if they were paid addons offered at the time of this Launch.

Oh, Oh, I know why Microsoft could do this, Because they could not afford it, Because they did not have funding and do not have funding, Also because there are no programmers out there with the skills for creating Helicopter’s of various models with real flight physic’s.

Of Course How dumb can I be! There are only a had full of Heli Simmers in the world!

I am being condescending and sarcastic because of the incredibly stupid excuses for many years now that has carried on to our year of 2020 as to why there are no Helicopters with real flight physic’s for Heli Simmers throughout the world.

Shame on you Microsoft, Shame on you Microsoft, Shame!

Thank you for replying. I do Understand where you are come from Tamas.

I understand too, that decent programmers and coders are a scarcity and hard to come by.
Being up front about the dilemma of not having access to an enthusiastic, or any programmer at the moment is a tough situation to be in as a payware developer.

Helicopter simulation really is the fringe sector of the flight simulation fraternity, however transparency is the key here, as by default it already has a very small customer base.
It seems honesty is the best policy, not just marketing hype, especially when you’re in such a bespoke industry and being honest earns trust.
However you need to let your customers know this.
I’ve seen so many posts go completely unanswered here on this forum, even if you don’t have the answers to a support issue, just an acknowledgement to your customer base goes a long way to earning trust and growing or, at least nurturing this very small and perhaps dwindling, but just as important pocket of the flight sim community.
You were always at the top of your game in the visual aspect of your helicopters without a doubt, right up there with Carenado etc, and that’s the hook, I’ve fallen for it each time.
It does suck we don’t have a bigger community (I think Hovercontrol days were probably at its peak.)
Some the of the issues here seem trivial and if fixed would really put the final polish on some of your products.

For example:
Landing lights that shine through into the cockpit blinding the panel (S-76).
Flysimware and Xtreme prototypes addressed this issue with their Learjets via cheat with an xml file that moved the light positions forward whilst in virtual cockpit view, or not being able to ground taxi the S-76 and the KA-32 properly which was achievable for a wheeled helicopter type back in FS9.
I thought this would’ve been arbitrary.

Some Judicious manipulating of the contacts section of the config file surely would’ve alleviated that issue.
Couldn’t these have been addressed in the development or Beta? test cycle.
Again, though small, they are niggles that are hard to overlook, that takes something from mediocre to highly polished.

Don’t give up on these helicopters or any future ones for that matter as for the most part,
they are pretty amazing.
I still knock around In your old Agusta A-109 from time to time and still love flying it (and it ground taxis just fine!) I do love your work mostly.
They say “the devil is in the details” and that’s very apparent here.

… and if your going to be a payware developer, Don’t go quiet on your customers, Support, in any form, even just an acknowledgement can do wonders.

That means a lot to us, is all I’m saying.



I’have ALSO the problem of NO response of my questions, I’ve bought 2 HELI EC135+KAMOV32, with the KAMOV I cann’t see him in P3Dv4, I have NO images of it ! only
I got the cockpit, without anything else ?! I’ ve bought them in JANUARY 2020, but on my several questions I have NOT received ANY answer ! when will it been resolved ??? I’ve paid 62.00-€, but I got NO answer nor solution at all ! WHEN will it happen ???

Como é possivel a Microsoft alinhar neste jogo e colocar à venda um produto vosso que não descola, não voa, é lixo e não serve para nada. Quem me indemniza do dinheiro que gastei?