Kiowa Pilot reviews the DCS Gazelle

You probably already heard this quite often within the DCS community. Sentences such as “the Gazelle flies on rails” or just plain old “the Gazelle s*cks” popup quite often. There seems to be the general feeling that the Polychop helicopter is really bad.

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Couple of interesting points/counterpoints:

Gazelle is better than almost any helo in P3D/FSX
…(though i just got the MP Designs Bell 206 and Gazelle, and the 206 actually behaves like a helo instead of a 3D elevator (haven’t flow their Gaz yet)).

DCS Gazelle’s FM unequivocally doesn’t measure up to well regarded X-Plane or DCS helo modules. Definitely “flies” like a mechanical bull in a honky tonk bar.

DCS Gazelle is a good module other than the FM issues, but it’s hard to get past them to enjoy it.

Casmo describes Gazelle as “playable” - not “good”. AFAIK, I’ve never seen him fly it other than for this video…

He regards the Black Shark as “the best” DCS helo in terms of feelz/behavior vs his IRL experience with Kiowa/Apache.

Interestingly, he doesn’t seem too impressed with the UH-1…

Barundus, also a IRL Kiowa pilot, exclusively flies the Gazelle, so that says something about how useful it is in-game.

Me, I don’t fly Gazelle much at all, even though i’ve done all the saturation/curve adjustments recommended for it.

A shame, because Gazelle would probably be my first choice for most helo flying, whether in a combat mission or civ/freeflight.